Monday, September 29, 2008

What can Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern teach us about blogging?


I mean really, regardless if either of them has a blog (which I think Limbaugh might, but it appears hidden behind some bogus members-only shield and Stern's site didn't appear useful to me either) what you should concentrate on is their chosen professions as talk radio personalities and how that relates to blogging.

What does a talk radio host have to do with blogging?
I have recently been needing a clear way to explain to various groups of people some of the basics of social media. One obvious theme is blogging: What is it? Who should do it? Should companies do it? How can I get one of those spiffy blogs? Etc.

I'll be honest, the majority of those that need the extra push do trend a little older in years. This is not to say that older people don't get social media, in fact the opposite might be true and marketers should pay attention.

Um, ok...
For a while, I've been kind of stuck on the What is a blog? question. I understand the Wikipedia definition, but still lacked that solid example to explain to others. Then it hit me.

A blog is sort of like a talk radio show.
Talk Radio Show (Blog equivalent)
  1. Host/Co-host (Author/Authors)
  2. Show Topics (Posts)
  3. Screened Callers (Moderated/Non-moderated Commenting)
  4. New Stuff Daily (Reverse-chronological order)
  5. Show Guests (Guest Authors)

Whether it's sports, politics, news, religion, entertainment, technology or local interests, the radio show and blog comparison provides enough similarities that have helped me explain to the uninitiated. (When that doesn't work, you could always send them to the CommonCraft Show for help.)

(Photo credit: AMagill)