Monday, March 9, 2009

33 Things Every PR Person Should Read

You might be asking yourself, "why '33' things? I mean that seems like a random number."

The reason is simple. Today is my 33rd birthday and I wanted to give you a present. So I present to you the 33 tips, trends, and thoughts that struck me as worthy of sharing with you from some of the best writers that I've come across:
  1. Let Them Be Heard (The Buzz Bin)
  2. Implementing Social Media on your campus (
  3. Why communicators should get to know SEO (Shannon Paul's Very Offical Blog)
  4. Do you know who you're talking to? (Logic + Emotion)
  5. "I'm Just the PR Person" (PR Squared)
  6. Selling PR Measurement at Work: Rehashed (The Intersection of Online and Offline)
  7. Grow Bigger Ears in 10 Minutes (Chris Brogan)
  8. 8 Excellent Tools to Extract Insights from Twitter Streams (Grey Review) 
  9. A Quick ‘n Dirty Guide to Setting up Social Media Monitoring (Social Media Explorer) 
  10. A Social Media Glossary (The Buzz Bin) 
  11. 11 Ways to Find Brands & Companies on Twitter (Online Marketing Blog)
  12. E-Book on Social Media Marketing (PR Squared)
  13. Your News Page is the New Newsroom (Conversation Agent)
  14. How Journalists Can Leverage Social Media (Social Media Explorer)
  15. Social media transparency: How realistic is it? (The Harte of Marketing)   
  16. Being successful with social media = creating value for others (The Viral Garden)
  17. Licensed or not, Public Relations is a profession (a shel of my former self)
  18. How parenting skills (or lack of) affect customer relationship building (Communicators Anonymous)
  19. Getting Social Media Approved By Your Boss (The Bizz Bin)
  20. What Does the PRo of the Future Look Like? (PRos in Training)
  21. The Micro-Sociology of Networks (Logic + Emotion)
  22. Mirror Image: PR pros v. Salesman Sam (LAF)
  23. The Thin Line Between Confidence and Arrogance (Flacker) 
  24. How to Present While People are Twittering (Pistachio)
  25. Five Tips for Media Relations Success (David Mullen)
  26. Creating social media guidelines for your employees (Bryan Person)

  27. Personal Branding is Your Interview Suit (T-Mo's Garage)
  28. How to Become a Superstar: Give Your Knowledge Away (Communication Overtones)
  29. Social Media Ghostwriting: The Great Marketing/PR Debate (The Harte of Marketing)  
  30. This is not a newspaper: Why ghostblogging doesn't work (Shannon Paul's Very Offical Blog)
  31. The Practical Guide To Content Tagging In Social Bookmarking (Social Media Explorer)
  32. People don't trust company blogs. What you should do about it.  (groundswell Blog)
  33. The Ultimate Productivity Toolbox for Creative People (Lateral Action)
Whew! That's a long list. I know I have a few source repeats, but I read some pretty great stuff. I hope you take some time and go through this gift of resources. You may even find new writers to follow. I know I have. Also, let me know if you have a particular post that is of interest that you'd like to share in the comments below. The party is yours.

Photo credit: kentigern