Thursday, May 21, 2009

Keep your effectiveness

This time of year is special in education. We see graduates give inspiring and insightful speeches for classmates ushering in new phases in life's journey. On the other end of the spectrum, we celebrate the professional careers that come to a close as friends, mentors, and leaders retire.

Earlier today I had the pleasure of listening to a few speeches given on behalf of a retiring administrator in our school district.

One of the speakers said something that struck me as being relevant for Communications/PR professionals when she said, "Ms. Miller taught me to never let go of my effectiveness."

Never let go of your effectiveness
We've all had conversations and debates about being effective communicators, running effective campaigns, and effective leadership. We can also agree there are just as many reasons as there are ways for people who cease to be effective whether it's personal (no longer being effective in a relationship) or professional (no longer being an effective employee). Photo credit: jbelluch

My advice: Make a conscious effort to hold on to your effectiveness. 
  • At home, pay attention to your loved ones. Be intentional.
  • At work, do whatever it takes to maintain your credibility, availability, and usability. 
  • Seek opportunities to improve.
  • Never stop learning and growing.
What about you? How do you stay effective?