Friday, June 5, 2009

Accredchat - June 5, 2009

In an effort to help others keep up or in some cases catch up on what was discussed during today's #accredchat, here is a snapshot document of the Twitter thread:

(Note: It is in reverse order, so if you'll have go to the last page to see where the conversations started. aLso if you want current tweets, check out the live Twitter search for #accredchat.)

This was the first #accredchat and I hope there are more. It was a bit confusing since there seemed to be no moderators. If it happens again, I think a panel or common questions might help.

What do you think? Was #accredchat useful? If you missed it, would you be interested in it on a weekly basis or would it be ok to organically build? The comments are yours.