Thursday, December 11, 2008

Twitter and relationship damage

The question was a simple one, born of curiosity and to try to start a conversation on Twitter:
 For the Married Tweeple: If your spouse is not on Twitter, does he/she "get" your interest? Has it ever been a problem?  I wasn't sure if anyone was even paying attention. But then, a few replies came in to answer and discuss the issue of Twitter users' offline experiences with their significant others who may not quite understand (or care to figure out) what is so special about Twitter.  Here are some of the responses:

Relationships matter

Apparently I had touched a nerve with a few people. In fact, I had one response from a friend on Twitter [who will remain nameless] that stated: "Since you asked, I have been having serious twitter problems with my spouse. That's why my tweet volume has been so low."

Twitter is a very powerful and intriguing tool. It can also be seen as an alluring distraction if you are not careful. Following and being followed seems (and at times is) a little stalker-ish. It is easy to get caught up in the numbers, Twitter grading, and comparisons. I would caution against putting too much stock in these things especially at the detriment to any significant other people in your life. Think about your day in terms of your time - how much time are you spending in Twitter conversations compared to conversations with your family?
Remember the people you care about most. Use Twitter and other social media tools with the delicate life and relationship balance they deserve especially since sometimes social media just doesn't really matter.

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