Saturday, February 21, 2009

How Social Media is similar to Soylent Green

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Social Media (sort of like Soylent Green)'s *about* People!

This idea came to me a couple of months back through a conversation I was having on Twitter. A quick search for the Soylent Green movie poster image, a bit of Photoshop magic and voila, I give you my quick take on Social Media.

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Peter Kim said...

Love it! I made the same analogy here:

Beth Harte said...

Oh, no! I hope we aren't eating people... LOL! :) Love the graphic treatment.

Heidi Cool (@hacool) wrote a really good post on Social Media & Soylent Green:

What I liked about it is that she shares the story of what happened to all the folks on Pownce (well, her community) and what they did when they found out Pownce was shutting down.