Sunday, March 14, 2010

Getting Perspective

This week I have the privilege of joining other musicians and singers from my church on a short-term music mission trip in San Sebastián, Spain. In fact this post is being written in the hotel by the large flat-panel TV with the seemingly constant (and wonderful) hum of Spanish language play-by-play of a soccer game. We are relaxing after an interesting day.

This post is really just a way for me to try out posting from my phone. Thanks for indulging me in this little experiment on this blog.

This trip is reminding me just how important relationships and people are in the great scheme of things. We are relational beings and should feel the need to share experiences and thoughts with one another. While it's good to get a break once in a while, they can still be useful in remembering who and what we are…


Hasta luego mis amigos.
- RE