Tuesday, March 9, 2010

34 Unforgettable Posts for PR People

That's right, I said 34 unforgettable posts. I compiled a round-up list last year as my gift to you on my 33rd birthday and wanted to continue the tradition on my 34th trip around the sun.

These are writings from some of the top thought-leaders in the public relations industry or from those who provide remarkable contributions for communication professionals or are just really pretty cool and I think  you should read. So without further ado, this year's list from oldest to newest:
  1. Micro Interactions in PR (Conversation Agent)
  2. Personal Branding: Be careful what you wish for (The Harte of Marketing)
  3. Why You Shouldn’t Trust Social Media To An SEO Consultant (Social Media Explorer)
  4. 7 Things I Learned Online that I Use at Work (Conversation Agent)
  5. Being a Director of Community (Altitude Branding)
  6. Hashtags: Coming to a conference near you (Media Bullseye)
  7. Moving from Siloes to Hives (The Buzz Bin)
  8. Public Relations Roles explained through Baseball Positions (Next Communications)
  9. Social Media ain't about one-night stands, it's about relationships (The Viral Garden)
  10. Social Media in the Nonprofit Workplace: Does Your Organization Need A Social Media Policy? (Beth's Blog)
  11. Could It Be? Is PR Becoming Unnecessary? (The Bad Pitch Blog)
  12. Are corporate communicators hopeless in social media? (Mengel Musings)
  13. Public Relations Activities That Affect SEO (Online Marketing Blog)
  14. Five reasons why your company blog sucks (The Viral Garden)
  15. Journalism 2.0: Don't Throw Out the Baby (Read Write Web)
  16. Communication silos don’t work (The Harte of Marketing)
  17. A 12 Step Program to End PR Fail (The Lost Jacket)
  18. Beware the PR Prophets (Communication Catalyst)
  19. The last PR stand (Fort Worth PRSA)
  20. Your Press Release has a Long Tail in New Media (Conversation Agent)
  21. Public Relations Pros Must Be Social Media Ready (Social Media Explorer)
  22. Who Owns the Social Media Play: Marketing, PR or Advertising? (Communication Overtones)
  23. Building Community for Your Employees (Deirdre Breakenridge)
  24. 9 simple words to live by in the digital age (Communications Conversations)
  25. Bad Apples in PR (PR Squared)
  26. How Are You Measuring Your Community? (Outspoken Media)
  27. Relationship Chaining: Building and Activating a Community (Communication Overtones)
  28. Proof the Splinternet is real (Groundswell)
  29. When Clients Want Coverage in your Blog: Social Media Ethical Dilemmas (PR Squared)
  30. ROI: How to Measure Return on Investment in Social Media (Brian Solis)
  31. Facebook Friday: 5 Essential Elements to Your Facebook Page Guidelines (Fresh Influence)
  32. Captain Planet Style: Powers Combined in PR/Marketing (LAF)
  33. What does tomorrow’s PR pro look like? (Communications Conversations)
  34. Take the next step: Meet in Real Life (PR Breakfast Club)
Wow! That took longer than I thought it would. Just like last year, there are some source repeats, but I still read some of the same great content creators. I hope you take some time and go through this gift of resources or save it for later. As always, the (comment) party is yours.

(Photo credit: young and with it)