Wednesday, March 9, 2011

35 hand-picked posts for fellow PR pros

Photo via timrich26
So here we are again with what has become my annual birthday gift to you, a simple round-up of PR-related and digital communication blog posts, features, resources and tips that I've collected, saved, shared, loved, tweeted, and bookmarked or just found fascinating.

These are writings from those who I believe are some thought-leaders in the public relations industry or from those who continually provide rich resources for communication professionals. Many of these could just be cool and I think you should (re)read.

(Also, if you are interested, you can also check out my lists from my 34th and 33rd trip around the sun.)

Let's begin:
  1. Crisis Planning: Prepare Your Company For Social Media Attacks (Web Strategy)
  2. The Private Nature of Public Relations (Conversation Agent)
  3. 5 Things Depeche Mode Can Teach You About Effective Online Marketing (Copyblogger)
  4. Interactions, Engagement & Ecosystems (Logic + Emotion) 
  5. Where Next for the News Release (PR Breakfast Club)
  6. The Digitization of Research and Measurement (Metrics Man)
  7. Katie Delahaye Paine's Accuracy Checklist for Public Relations and Social Media Measurement (The Measurement Standard) 
  8. The Difference Between Making the News and Being the News (Social Butterfly)
  9. Posterous Grows Up as a Blogging Platform (Danny Brown) 
  10. Planning For Disaster: Communicators And PR Must Step Up (Copywrite, Ink)
  11. PR pros need to write more like…gasp! Sales copywriters! (Mengel Musings) 
  12. 4 keys to to building a social media editorial calendar (Communications Conversations) 
  13. 57 Social Media Policy Examples and Resources (Dave Fleet) 
  14. 11 must-read posts about blogger outreach (Communications Conversations) 
  15. Social Media Release: Evolution (PR Squared) 
  16. 34 Reasons to Start a Blog (Conversation Agent)
  17. Don’t Build Your Brand On A Third Party Platform (Social Media Optimization)
  18. Want to get quoted in the media? Try a video expert advisory (As Media Changes) 
  19. Corporate Altruism: The Blurring of the Lines Between CSR and Cause Marketing (Communication Overtones)
  20. Is PR Ready to Adopt a Standard Set of Measurement Principles? (The Buzz Bin) 
  21. 5 Tips on Business Blogging With Minimal Resources (TopRank)
  22. It's Time to Stop Collecting Facebook Fans (Ad Age)
  23. Content curation: A required skill for digital-era communicators (Shel Holtz)
  24. Newsroom Facebook Fans: Quality vs. Quantity (Journalistics)
  25. Klout for Business: A Useful Metric –but an Incomplete View of Your Customer (Web Strategy)
  26. Putting Words Into Action: PRSA’s New Social Media Policy (PRSAY) 
  27. 96 Free Professional Blog Topics (Geoff Livingston) 
  28. Consumer-Facing PR Means Business (Jason Kintzler)
  29. ‘My Tweets Are My Own’ is a Bogus Line (Lauren Fernandez)
  30. 10 Press Release Alternatives (Social Media Today)
  31. Easy Strategies to Start Measuring Your Public Relations and Social Media (The Measurement Standard)
  32. Q: What’s a new tool for public relations? A: Quora (PRSA Tactics)
  33. Building Your Own PR or Social Media Measurement Index (Chuck Hemann)
  34. Social Media Crisis Management: A No-Nonsense Guide (Mack Collier)
  35. Becoming a Conscious Written Communicator (Brass Tack Thinking)
Whew. That's a lot of reading. Just like in the previous years, there are some source repeats, but I think they are worth it. I hope you take some time and go through this gift of public relations resources or just save it for later. Either way the birthday party is mine but the comments are yours.